Sunday, 31 July 2011


Back in the early 1990s I picked up on "Dodgy" before their commercial success and I always find this is the best way of getting into bands and going with them on their journey. I was still listening to enough nighttime radio to pick up on them and it was not long before their material was on daytime radio too. The first single I picked up as a cassette single was "Water Under The Bridge" which I thought was  a fantastic song with its wonderful jangly guitar sound and the wonderful trademark vocal and harmonies. I think if I was ever asked which band did it vocally for me I would certainly put them right up there and the harmonies are just wonderful...

The 2nd album "Homegrown" contains my favourite single "So Let Me Go Far". Just an awesome song with the perfect harmonies complementing a beautiful melody. To this day it is still frequently played on my IPod.

Dodgy will be best remembered for their huge hit "Good Enough" in 1996. A huge top ten hit from my favourite album by them "Free Peace Sweet". In fact my cassette of that album was played so much it wore out. When the IPod age began it was the very first album I bought on ITunes.

I was lucky enough to see the band live in Reading during their early days at my favourite late night drinking haunt back then, "The After Dark Club". The original line-up is back recording and touring and a new album in February 2012 so it promises to be an exciting time.

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