Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Milltown Brothers

The Milltown Brothers were a band who I really thought were going to hit the big time in the 1990s. I remember buying the single "Which Way Should I Jump?" which got a lot of radio airplay, and then bought the album "Slinky" which was and remains a favourite album of mine. Who can also forget that another single "Apple Green" from that album was used as the theme tune to the wonderful BBC comedy drama series "Preston Front". I got to see them play live on just the one occasion at Reading University. The second album "Valve" was slightly disappointing for me as it never really lived up to the potential of the first album, although I believe by this time the band had a record company that was neither supporting them or allowing them a free hand. And there after the band disappeared and I would often wonder what had happened to them. However in 2004 a third album was released on the band's website entitled "Rubberband". I could not resist buying it and what a wonderful album it is full on stunning tracks a real hidden gem of a masterpiece if ever there was.

The good news in 2015 is that album number 4 is on the way, and hopefully an opportunity of seeing them live for a second time after a gap of 25 years or so.

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