Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Police

The Police played a pivotal role in my music tastes. In the late 1970s I was moving away from pop and the post punk new wave guitar sound was becoming something I really enjoyed and still do! If Blondie started the process it was The Police that bridged the gap. "Message In A Bottle" was not only a huge number 1 hit it contained everything I love. A great melody, a catchy guitar riff, with the unique Stewart Copeland drum beats giving the band their totally unique sound of new wave / reggae / ska.

The success of the fist two albums "Outlandos D'Amour" and "Regatta De Blanc" led to a quick rise to world wide stardom. Sting's ability to pen a chart topping song was evident throughout the career of The Police. "Roxanne", the a fore mentioned "Message In A Bottle", the million seller "Don't Stand So Close To Me", the pure pop of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", to the world wide conquering "Every Breath You Take". Too many classic album tracks to mention but some of those lesser known album tracks are stunning!

I was a huge fan of the band and was a member of the fan club. I collected the singles in coloured vinyls, picture discs and just about any format that came out, many of which I still have packed away at home. The fan club enabled me to get tickets for the 1983 Wembley Arena shows in London getting seats 3 rows from the front. 2008 after 25 years I saw the band again on the reunion tour at Twickenham and it was wonderful to see the songs played live again after so many years.

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  1. They are a CLASSIC band, and i like alot of Stings solo stuff too, he's a real musical genius, all that tantric yoga stuff not withstanding! ;)