Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Serious Drinking

During the early 1980s as I began to develop my own musical identify when I hit my mid teenage years, I came across Serious Drinking whilst listening to nighttime Radio 1. A band with a punk and ska sound. "Love On The Terraces" was the first single I bought by them and for me this was and still is what a great footie song should be all about. Football, drinking and romance! The next single I bought by the band was "Hangover" which being self explanatory was also very relevant back then and is today occasionally too! The compilation album "Stranger Than Tannadice - The Hits, Misses and Own Goals" is a great compilation of their two albums, and well worth adding to any record collection! :) My other personal favourites are "Spirit of 66" and the brilliant "He's An Angry Bastard But I Like Him".

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  1. What awesome song and album titles! And i love the photography too!